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4 ChatGPT prompts that will make your business stronger by next week


Ahh, ChatGPT.

When it came bursting onto the scene, we were so excited about the possibilities, but immediately treated it like it was Google. We’ve since learned that the success of your ChatGPT prompt usage directly depends on the prompts you’ve put into it.

Using it for Small Town Startup has been a game changer - but not how you think it would be. We don’t use it to write content (it’s really easy to spot  when someone does that… and maybe we'll write a post about that soon), but we do use it to conquer our never-ending to do lists.

Here are just a few ways we've incorporated ChatGPT into my everyday work to make my days more efficient, and my company more productive as a whole without any additional overhead:


Here’s the prompt: “Please be my brainstorming parter for (PUT YOUR GOAL, OBJECTIVE, TOPIC OR PROJECT HERE). I’d like you to come up with 12 unconventional or innovative ideas that would help me achieve (PROVIDE A SPECIFIC GOAL HERE - THE MORE SPECIFIC THE BETTER). Please also consider any potential challenge or opportunity with each idea and be sure to outline them so I can review them as a whole."

Finishing Your To-Do List (Finally)

Here’s the prompt: “Please create a detailed, actionable plan to accomplish (ADD YOUR TASKS HERE - WITH DETAIL ON HOW LONG YOU EXPECT EACH TASK TO TAKE). I need this done by (DEADLINE). Please include specific steps, estimates and any resources I need. If you have any questions to make an idea timeline for this, please ask me before you begin. "

Create A Continuing Education Plan You Can Stick To

Before we give you the prompt here, did you know you can copy and paste long articles into ChatGPT and it will summarize them for you? This is a great way to get industry information without being weighed down by hours of reading.

Here’s another prompt to gain information about your industry: "Please create a comprehensive learning plan to master (PUT YOUR SKILL OR SUBJECT MATTER HERE). Include relevant books, online courses or other exercises I should take advantage of to become the top of my field."

Overcome That Challenge Weighing You Down

Here’s the prompt: “Please analyze the following problem: (PROVIDE THE PROBLEM WITH GREAT DETAIL HERE). Once you’ve looked at this, please propose 8 effective solutions, and tell me about potential consequences of each solution that I may not recognize at first."


Now, open up ChatGPT and let’s see what you can do- you got this!