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Spend an evening with Tori Fillmore of Cedar Hill Apothecary to learn how she grew her online following from 0 to nearly 40k followers! You'll learn how to make your brand's story your selling point, how to build relationships in your digital community, and the best way to involve your community in launching a new product- from development to testing.
Tori will be talking about how she built her business around community and what that's looked like for her. Tori is a firm believer that in every aspect of owning a business, your community should be at the forefront of decision making. If she could sum up her beliefs into a quote it would be "community is the best insurance policy"; at the end of the day, it's what you offer and receive from your people that matters. A true community is rich in resources, as we all have something unique to offer one another. We as businesses offer our community a lot- especially small businesses, which employ locals and spend 40% of their earnings in our community, often sourcing from fellow small businesses. But our community offers us security and longevity in business, which is most important!
Building this type of relationship online can feel scary and daunting as we are flooded with info on content, filming the perfect video, having the right equipment, etc. None of that has been true for Tori, and she'll be sharing what she's learned customers want to see from small businesses and how we can show folks who we are before they even enter the door (or website)!
Free for coworking members- just email to claim your ticket!

About Tori

Tori is a tried and true community herbalist who’s entire business has been built making remedies for any and everyone that comes to her in need. Cedar Hill Homestead is a seasonal apothecary and homestead catering to health & vitality and integrating the two through seasonal products, consultations & classes. She believes that what we need is already outside, exactly when we need it and that knowing what to harvest is a birthright we all have access to.